Tessa van Walstijn

JavaScript Developer

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I'm a software engineer based in Hoorn, the Netherlands. Specializing in building exceptional, high quality user experience websites and applications.

Some of thing I do in my free time are:
• Programming
• Drawing
& Gaming

My mission

"The fight against depression with games and technology"

Currently in my age category (young adults) is one of the ten depressed. I think that number is to high and I believe that it can be lowered with games and technology. However, this needs to be tackled from a different angle then currently is done. I work on in my free time on my solution.


👪 Comunities: Stack Overflow, Meta Exchange, Ask Ubuntu, SheSharp
⚡ Fun fact: I started programming @ the age of 13
🌱 Studying: Docker and multi docker projects
😄 Pronouns: She, Her